Theme Decor

How about Celebrating your loved ones birthday grand and pride? our team can take you to next level of amusement with a theme based party. One thing you have to do is tell us your favourite theme and we do the rest. Setting up themes, cakes related to the theme, boards, and hangings..etc.

balloon Decoration

Colash offers you a marvelous decors with party, water, and Helium balloons. And make your special day more colourfull.


We arrange different party cakes from the best cake specialists in Calicut.

light decor

We have a great collection of imported lighting equipments which will award you a really unique experience.


We can arrange various entertainments which entertains kids as well as adults at the same time. So are you ready for the Birthday Bash??

Photography & videography

Are you tired of looking for a great team to capture your unmissable moments?

Have you been afraid what if they can't capture it on time?

Don't worry just leave it to us, we know what's best for you and we don't compromise in quality. We have the best team of professional photographers and videographers with a keen eye of observation and a mind full of creativity.